Update: Black History Month!

In just one week we will be entering one of the greatest months of the year; Black History Month. Forget Valentines Day, forget the fact that my birthday is in February. It’s all about Black History Month.

Black History Month is the month where black people celebrate the history of our people. While black people celebrate our culture all year round, February is our month to really get loud. For that we can thank Carter G. Woodson who originally created Black History Month (a.k.a Negro History Week) back in 1926. After that the rest is history.


This next month this blog will be solely dedicated to highlighting the works and creations of black people. Black beauty brands, fashion brands, movies, authors and artists will be highlighted throughout the month. Starting with an exclusive interview with comic artist Nikolas A. Draper Ivey!

If you come to this blog just for beauty and fashion, this month is not the month to be here!


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