Why Are Black People So Excited For Black Panther?

So I thought I’d diverge away from the beaten path this blog has been going toward and talking about something else; Black Panther.

The trailer released over a year ago and we are so close to the premier date but I keep hearing the same thing over and over again: why are black people so excited for Black Panther? It’s just another super hero movie, they say. Nothing to get excited for.

giphy (2)

This movie is holding a lot of firsts for black people.

This is the first black super hero black people have had since Blade came out in 1998. This is the first action movie where the black people don’t die, aren’t represented as slaves, aren’t the funny side kicks or going through some drama like domestic abuse or drugs (looking a you Tyler Perry!). This is the first time where not only is the main cast is black but the writers,customer designers and the director is black! In a mostly white dominated industry this is huge!

I can’t remember a time when black people had this much representation in a movie. Almost every super hero movie ever maid stars a white man. There are a few super heroes that are women and one doesn’t even have her own movie yet (Black Widow) and depending on which version you count only one is black. ONE! Black girls have one black female super hero to look up to! Now they can add Nakia, Okoye, and Queen Romanda to that list.

In almost every movie black people play the classic trope of the one that gets killed first, the funny homeless guy, a whore, drug attic, or a blue collar worker with a tragic back story, or the funny side kick. Wonder why black people get such bad reps for acting the way we do sometimes? Look at the white writers, producers and directors. They’ve stamped black people with traits we can’t seem to escape until Black Panther.

This is also the first time a cast of almost nothing but black people was featured on a movie poster as kings and queens of Africa. NOT SLAVES BUT KINGS AND QUEENS. In every movie that has to do with Africa black people are only displayed as slaves or uncivilized beings. You would think that these writers of said movies would have done their homework but what is research?Before white men weaseled their way to Africa, the country was filled with kings and queens. That’s what being portrayed in Black Panther.


So before you think to ask why black people are so excited for black people out loud take a second to actually think about the question you’re about to ask. In an industry dominated by white people we are finally the majority.

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