Jeffree Star: Is He Racist or Nah?

He is. There is no other answer. Jeffree Star is not here for black people, point blank. Jeffree has made it pretty clear throughout his career that brown people were not his area of focus. But before we get into the real T let’s back it up for a second. Who is Jeffree Star?

For those who aren’t fans, Jeffree Star is one of the biggest beauty gurus/moguls on YouTube. He’s also the music artist behind songs like Prom Night and Beauty Killer. If you’re a millennial you’ll remember Jeffree from the dark days of our emo kid phase when myspace was a thing. He’s also the owner and CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics which includes a coveted line of liquid to matte lipsticks, a variety of highlighters and eye shadow pallets.

Despite all the glitz and glimmer Jeffree is just another racist that wears a lot of makeup and has a lot of money. Like I said before, he’s not here for any one with brown or dark skin. He’ll be more than happy to use our language, take our money and act like a stereotypical black woman but here for the actual culture he is not. His makeup line has included maybe at most two women of color in campaigns for his cosmetics line. The whole makeup line in general does not exactly match up with dark skin tones except maybe for a few colors in the liquid lipsticks.

Outside of the makeup line Jeffree has been the star of drama that he brought upon himself. At least ten years ago he recorded a lovely video titled “Jeffree Star Calls Sharolaid” and in said video he says some of the most vile and disgusting things you can hear someone say towards a black woman. This is a grown WHITE (don’t let the hair and makeup fool you honey) man telling a black woman he wants to throw battery acid on her to lighten her skin so it would “match her foundation.” That’s not even the full spectrum of what Jeffree has done that goes against black people or just people in general.

I won’t go into detail but there are multiple receipts from beefs he’s gotten into with makeup artists MakeByShayla and Jackie Aina. Both times he has thrown racist taunts at them. He has bullied his fans who have come to him on Twitter with questions about why his makeup products came to them crushed and falling out of the packaging. You know what Jeffree did? He taunted them before blocking them and deleting the tweets. You would think that bullying would be the last thing Jeffree Star would do since he is such and advocate against bullying.

Jeffree came out three months with a video “apologizing” for his racism but let’s be clear about one thing: THAT WAS NOT AN APOLOGY. That was Jeffree saying he was “responding”with racism because something was done to him. That was Jeffree Star apologizing for something he should have apologized for a decade ago and tried to change on top of that. That was him saying it’s hard out here for a white man who likes makeup and drama. That was Jeffree Star saying that he was sorry he was called out on his bullshit.

Dear Mr. Star, your WHITE skin gives you the most amount of privilege you can get. You have to deal with discrimination because you’re gay? Try being a BLACK gay man who likes makeup and lives in the hood. Jeffree Star did not apologize for being a racist, he apologized for being a racist that got caught and called out.

Jeffree Star’s lip products are on point I’ll give him that. But my money has no place in the wallet of someone who thinks my skin color is not worth being included and thought of when you’re creating a makeup line. My money has no place in the wallet of someone who calls black women irrelevant white rats when they are giving their honest opinion. My money has no place in the wallet of a racist.

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