Practicing The Art of Self Care

During this week and weekend I’ve had a bit of a learning experience. Lately I haven’t been taking a moment to breathe, to do things that make me happy and I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety. I’ve been worrying about what I need to do next, how I’m going to get there and how limited my means are to get to where I need to be. I wasn’t sleeping well and I felt every little thing that I was worrying about was stacking up against me.

Luckily, I had this weekend to do things that helped quiet some of that anxiety. I know that there are others that suffer with anxiety like mine and for some it’s even worse. It’s important that you take the time out to do things that make you happy. Anxiety never truly goes away but doing things that make you happy keeps it quiet for a little bit until you can figure out your next move.

I took the liberty of complying a list that helps quiet my own anxiety and I hope it helps yours.

  1. Aromatherapy

giphy (2)

You’d be surprised how helpful aromatherapy is. Find out what your favorite scents are, get candles and bath bombs in those scents. Take a bath, light those candles, throw in that bath bomb and let your favorite scents fill you up. I personally like lemon bath bombs and fall scented candles.

2. Music

tenor (2)

Music has immense power over the mind and body. I know I sound really cheesy but think about it for a second. Has a sad love song ever made you cry? Does your heart rate pick up every time you listen to an intense beat drop during an EDM song or anything rock? Eminem wasn’t kidding when he said music can talk to you. So if you ever begin to feel anxious find a dimly lit, quiet place and listen to some light music. There are some great soft piano, lo-fi hip hop, meditation and soft jazz playlists on YouTube that are great for calming the mind.

3. Find a hobby

tenor (3)

Finding a hobby is a great distraction for anxiety. Find a few things you like to do. And who knows, maybe these hobbies might turn out to be not just hobbies. The hobbies you take part in now could lead you to the path in you’re suppose to take in life.

4. Take a second


Take a second to breathe and notice things around you and count the things you have that make you happy. You don’t have to sit in a circle of crystals and do a full on meditation. Just place some quiet time for yourself and go outside and count all of the things you have that make you happy. Remember the place in life you came from and take notice of how far you’ve come from that.

5. Journal


One of the best things you can do when you’re dealing with anxiety is talk about your feelings to someone else. For a lot of people talking to someone doesn’t seem like a possibility because they have no one to talk to or because talking to someone about their anxiety just gives them more anxiety. Journaling gives you a chance to talk about your feelings without having to worry about talking to a physical person. You don’t have to worry about your journal talking back, cutting you off or judgment. Journaling can be your own version of therapy.

Dealing with anxiety and any other form of a mental illness is very hard, especially if you feel like you have to handle it alone. You should never have to do deal with anything this hard alone but if you feel as though you do I hope that this list will help you calm your mind when things become too much. Taking care of yourself is important. You can’t take care of anyone or anything else if you put yourself second. Learning that it’s okay to think of yourself first is one of the first steps to practicing self care.

Remember to stay focused and that you will always have someone in your corner ready to listen.

Love You!

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