5 Makeup Brands That Are Cruelty-Free!

If you follow beauty news you’ll know that NARS, one of the best and most affordable makeup brands out there, decided that they were going to extend their business to China. While that’s great for beauty lovers in China it isn’t so great for the animals or the company’s image either. All beauty brands that choose to sell their products in China must forfeit their claim to be cruelty free. This means NARS will be using animals to test their products in China.

You might be asking well it’s not happening here why should I care. If that’s the case you really need to re-evaluate your life choices because we’re talking about thousands of animals to deal with harmful chemicals that could kill them.

Despite the fact that NARS has received some serious negative backlash from their decision they are still considering going through with expanding their product line to China. If you love both beauty and animals and are deciding to switch makeup brands but don’t want to lose the affordable prices NARS has to offer then take a look at this list of beauty brands that are cruelty-free:

1. Kat Von D 

How can you do a list of vegan makeup brands without mentioning Kat Von D? She’s a huge supporter of cruelty-free beauty products. While her beauty line is a little bit expensive at times she makes up for in quality. I personally own her Ever Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in Lolita and Damned and let me tell you those two products alone are heaven sent I can’t imagine what the rest of her line is like. While not all of her products are cruelty free at the moment she is working on getting her entire line to be 100% vegan. She also has a section (#VEGANALERT) in her online store that lists all of the products that are currently cruelty-free.

2. Black Radiance

Black Radiance is one of the most affordable brands out there. You can find their products at any drugstore or target for as low as $3.99. Just because it’s labeled as a “drugstore brand” doesn’t mean the quality is bad. Youtube Beauty Guru Jackie Aina has vouched for this brand over and over again. When Aunt Jackie vouches for a brand you know it’s good. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, this is a black owned brand that caters to people of color.

3. Glamour Dolls

You’ve probably heard about them recently since they’ve partnered with Lisa Frank. They only have brushes out right now but they will have more Lisa Frank items out soon. When I tell you this stuff is cheap….it’s cheap. The most expensive thing I’ve seen on their website is $5.99 and again I have to say just because it’s less than $20.00 doesn’t mean the quality equals the price. The most important thing is that everything is 100% vegan.

4. Lime Crime

Lime Crime is another brand that’s a little more on the pricey side but the quality is worth it. You want to look like a mermaid? Lime Crime has a whole entire line of products inspired by mermaids. And the best part? The company is completely cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

5. Milani Cosmetics

Last but not least, I have to put Milani Cosmetics on the list. Their lip creams are out of this world, I use to have a waterproof liquid eyeliner that lived up to its name and it was only $8.00. Milani lives up to the hype and the fact that it’s cruelty-free is even better.

I hope this helps some of you beauty lovers out their that decide to turn away from NARS. There are affordable brands out there other than NARS that are cruelty-free. You just gotta look for them.

Stay focused loves!

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