In Response: Women Over 200 Pounds Can Wear Whatever the F*ck They Want

It’s summer time and for bigger people we are often told we should hide every part of our body or just “save everyone the embarrassment” and stay inside. I’ve been seeing post after post of girls that are no bigger than a size 2 bullying people who are bigger than them and telling them to cover up. Let me give you a simple response. It ain’t happenin’! It’s hot and we’re allowed to feel just as cute as you do when we have a tank top on!

It pisses me off to no end how skinny people think that bigger people over 200 pounds shouldn’t have confidence. Apparently we have “rules” we need to follow if we plan to survive the summer with the “little bit of self esteem we do have.” Who are you to say what a person can and can’t wear based on their weight? So In Response: Dear skinny people, we will wear whatever the f*ck we want.

If we want to wear patterns, we will wear we will wear patterns.

Most of my life I’ve been told I shouldn’t wear patterns of any kind, especially stripes because I’d look fatter. Patterns of any sort became a huge no-no. The only color I should wear are different shades of black and grey because they’re “slimming.”Instead of accentuating my curves I hid them because that’s what people told me to do. I never thought patterns would make me look like anything else except fat. Horizontal lines, zig-zag, polka dots, any patterns in general are not exclusively for skinny people. You just have to find the right pattern that works for your curves.

If we want to show our arms and legs, we will show our arms and legs.

Shorts have never been a problem for me because I’ve always liked my leg proportions but for others in the plus size range it’s not easy. It’s hot as hell outside. Curvy people shouldn’t have to wear jeans and pants in 90 degree weather just because thinner people have some strange fear of seeing fat on another person.

Dear Women (and men) over 200 pounds, fashion is not exclusively for people that are skinnier than us. By all means wear what makes you feel good. Fashion is a form of expression. Fashion does not have rules. Express yourself how you want to and don’t let anyone stop you from feeling good about your fashion choices.


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