Shea Moisture Is Cancelled and Here’s the Reason Why

Shea moisture was known as a god sent product for natural curls. The hair care brand held a spot among other well known products like Curlz, Miss Jessie’s and Carols Daughter. Recently the popular hair care brand made the wrong marketing choice with their latest commercial.

There have been many arguments for the brand asking why black women are so against the brand including white women in their commercial. If the products work why protest the brand?

Here’s the thing, white women are not the majority of consumers who are buying Shea Moisture products. Shea Moisture knows that, everybody who knows about Shea Moisture knows that so why is there only one black woman with natural hair?

This article is not trying to say anything against white women. I have absolutely nothing against white women but I do have a problem with this marketing strategy.

Shea Moisture tried to be “inclusive” and it back fired.

Black women are protesting the brand because it seems like black women or any race of color can’t seem to have anything to call their own. Tattoos, hairstyles, clothing, dances, you name it. White people seem to put their “I was here” stamp on absolutely everything that comes from a culture that is not their own.

Natural hair care was something that white people could not touch. These products are designed with black people’s hair types in mind. Black people are the majority of people who purchase products from these top hair care brands. Black people with afros and natural hair are giving these brands their money and supporting them. For a brand like Shea Moisture to include only ONE black woman with natural hair in their commercial is disrespectful to the majority of consumers who are buying these products.

If Shea Moisture actually had a majority of white women buying their products that would not have stirred up any problems but white women are not the majority consumer in this case. Let’s say a plus sized fashion brand that dedicates themselves to putting plus size women at the fore front decides one day to put out a commercial only featuring models who are a size two. Disrespectful right? This is what Shea Moisture is doing.

So for those that are still wondering and scratching their heads, yes there is a logical reason why black people are protesting Shea Moisture. It’s not just because white women are in the commercial. It’s because white women are featured on a commercial for a brand who knows damn well white women aren’t the people buying their curling cream.The apology that the brand issued over Facebook is not going to cut them any slack.

For black people issues like this are a constant struggle. It seems we can never have anything that is unmistakably ours. So here’s the question, what else are we, as the black community, going to let white supremacy take from us?

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One thought on “Shea Moisture Is Cancelled and Here’s the Reason Why”

  1. Oh wow! Who knew! A lot of my friends use their products and I personally loved their soap!

    On a side note I just started a new beauty link up on my blog, would love for you to join it!


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