Torrid Has Expanded Their Sizes!

So if you’ve gone on to the Torrid website or have shopped in the store you’ve noticed that there’s something different. Torrid now has a wider variety of sizes. The brand previously carried sizes 12-28, now they carry sizes 10-30.

While there are customers who have rejoiced in the fact that Torrid has included more sizes there are others who are not as excited. I’ve read numerous blogs and have seen posts from plus sized women who are angry at the new size charts. Why? They aren’t too happy that women of smaller waist sizes are now being in a brand that is known for catering to plus sized women.

I’ve seen some nasty comments bully smaller sized women and bashing the clothing company for including “skinny women.” Here’s the thing…a size ten by fashion standards is not considered thin. The fashion industry goes up to a size six at the most when it comes to high fashion labels.

I’ve watched several videos from torrid employees giving their opinion on the size expansion and they’ve given some actual facts when it comes to the size expansion. Torrid brought real women with curves and shapes to make sure that these sizes fit real women.

Let’s be real for a second, normally when clothes say “size ten” it’s really meant to fit models who have flat stomachs with a little bit of hip action. I’m a size 14-16 in jeans and currently losing weight. It’s hard to find jeans that won’t make my butt look saggy because while the . The fact that Torrid is making the effort to make sure that their clothing fits women with curves is something I can get behind!

So before you get mad at Torrid for including smaller sizes into their collection there are a few things you should consider first. While they are including smaller sizes in their clothing line they are also expanding up to size 30. In the high fashion industry model sizes are restricted at a size 6, every size after that is considered plus size. Finally, Torrid is making sure that their clothing fits women with these sizes for all different shape types. In fashion ads you will see that the size say size fourteen but that “size fourteen” is really meant to fit models with flat stomach and hips. Torrid’s clothing line fits regular women, not high fashion models and that’s something we should celebrate.

Don’t bash Torrid and women who are smaller than a size 14 without knowing the facts first.


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