My Top Three Makeup Artists That Are POC

Recently James Charles, Covergirl’s first male spokes model, got himself caught in a little bit of drama that back fired on him in a major way.
Charles was getting ready to go on a trip to Africa and decided to make a joke at Africa’s expense and tweeted:

Charles did make an apology through his Instagram but there’s something here that doesn’t sit right with me about this:

One, why did it take so long for him to apologize for what he said? It took him a while to admit what he said was wrong and in between that he was blocking Twitter users. Two, why did Covergirl act so passively about it? It felt like they had nothing to do with the incident. It just doesn’t sit right with me along with a lot of other people who supported him.
In light of this I decided to put a list of my top three favorite makeup artists that I feel have made a huge impact on my life in no particular order.

First up is Michelle Phan.


Michelle is a Vietnamese American beauty guru who got her start on YouTube almost 10 years ago. Her first video was uploaded on May 20th, 2007. I know Michelle is a go to for everybody but she made a huge impact on my life. She’s the one who taught me how to do makeup. Because I have issues with asking for help I never asked my mom for help with my makeup. I went straight to YouTube. Michelle’s videos are the first ones to come up. While Michelle does do high end and dramatic makeup she also has videos on the very basics of makeup from how to use eyeliner to how to do a simple smokey eye. Michelle’s YouTube channel also has videos that inspire her viewers to go for their dreams.

Michelle hasn’t posted a video in a while because she’s working on revamping her makeup brand, Em Cosmetics, but if you are new to makeup check out her videos. She’ll give you step by step instructions that will ease you in to the makeup community.
When I started thinking of this list and of makeup artists who inspired me I had to put Patrickstarrr on the list.


He’s a Filipino American beauty guru that got his start just like most of us. He was introduced to a beauty guru on YouTube. While that’s not the whole story, it’s still a part of his Cinderella story that I related to so much.
Michelle’s videos taught me the basics of makeup I feel like Patrick’s videos brought me into the world of the bold and the beautiful. He has everything from easy full on glam looks to tutorials using bold and beautiful eye shadows looks that need a special occasion. Patrick was the guru who taught me it was okay to play with bold and glittery shadows. He even has a video tutorial on how to properly bake your face!
Last but certainly not least is Jackie Aina.

Jackie is one of my top favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. Jackie is an African American woman who got her start on YouTube 5 years ago. In those 5 years Jackie has joined the small pool of colored women of YouTube to gain over one million followers and has multiple collaborations with different makeup brands. The thing about Jackie that I love about Jackie is the fact that she always gives a special shout out to companies owned by black people. She also recommends beauty brands that cater to people of a darker skin color. Not only does she do make up tutorials but she also has tutorials for skin care and how to keep your front lace from flying off. If you don’t know Jackie you better get yourself acquainted!
To end this off whether you like James Charles or not these are just three of my favorite POC beauty gurus I wanted to share with you. These beauty gurus have constantly made me feel so included and welcomed into the beauty community. The beauty community is pretty much like a family and someone who represents the community should not make fun of a culture just because of ignorance. I just wanted to share the gurus have made huge impacts on my life and I hope they make an impact on yours as well!

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One thought on “My Top Three Makeup Artists That Are POC”

  1. Jackie Aina is my youtube queen! She’s so honest about the products she tries out and always comes up with the most hilarious videos (my fave being the full face with products she hates)!


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