Mikasa Beauty [A Review]

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! Hope the holidays were special! Let’s start the new year with a review!

Mikasa Beauty contacted me a while ago for a review of their products and of course I had to say said yes! This brand is known for the brushes they have but I wanted to try their other beauty products. The brand sells everything a makeup brand should own from finishing powder to facial cleansers which surprised me a bit. With all the hype the brand gets for their brushes I thought that would be the only thing they had but I was beyond wrong!

I had an idea already of what I wanted to get. I wanted to make sure everything was covered except for anything I had to color match with my skin tone because I don’t trust myself to do that with online stores just yet. Knowing me I’ll think something is dark tan online but it’ll come through the mail looking like porcelain.

For the face I ordered a compact finishing powder in the color #45. I’ve always wanted to try baking my face a.k.a setting the concealer but I was always a little hesitant. With this product it felt a little cakey after foundation and concealer but I think it’s something that you get use to as you use it. I’m thinking that my mind might change after a couple of times after using the product but as of now the compact powder is not my favorite product. This is $28.00 on the website.

The glitter eye pigment that I bought, in the color Soiree, has got to be my favorite product that I bought! I love eye shadows that are really pigmented and this shadow blew my expectations out of the water! It felt super smooth when swatched and went on like butter when applied. The pigment didn’t feel like rock salt going on my lid and it didn’t feel like rock salt coming off which was another point to them. 10 points to Mikasa Beauty for their awesome glitter pigments! This product is also $28.00.

The next thing I got was a lipstick in the color Unrequited Love. I have a bit of a problem with this lip color. On the website the picture gives off a little bit of a purple-ish tint but the color I got is a bit more of a nude with a slight red tint to it. I kind of expected the purple-ish color but I can forgive it for the fact the lip color was really good. It went on smooth and didn’t smudge. It’s even better when paired with a dark lip color. The lipstick was $18.00.

15941152_10155622304349256_8263503969593964167_n  15977781_10155622304339256_6342292931342836396_n

            The last thing I got was the Lemon Drop Beauty Blender and this thing was made by the Gods for Goddesses. I love love love the beauty blender way too much! It is so soft and smooth and I can’t rave about this enough! I absolutely love the beauty blender!

With the exception of the color on the website not matching the color in real life I will definitely be shopping from Mikasa Beauty again and will be trying out their brushes the next time around. I recommend this for anyone who loves makeup and wants the all around experience of shopping in a store online. Remember they also have skin and hair care products if makeup isn’t your thing.

And now for a special little present! Since you guys have stuck with me for so long and made it to the end of the review I give you a coupon code! Go and shop around at Mikasa Beauty and use the code AJBANMAKEUP15 to receive %15 your entire order!

And a special thank you to Mikasa Beauty for reaching out! I will be shopping there again!

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