In the After Light By Alexandra Bracken [A Review]

Start Date: 10/19/16

End Date: 11/10/16

Publication Date: 10/28/14

Rating on Goodreads: 4.4/5

I am so sad to see this series end! I fell in love with all the characters and plot lines and it now has to fade into the line of my favorite book series.

In the After Light was an amazing finale to The Darkest Minds. I loved how everything just fit together even when you had the smallest hint that things weren’t going end all that well. I cried a lot, like a lot. There were some parts that I wished didn’t happen but I guess it had to happen to get the ending that we wanted.

The world and character development is phenomenal! I feel like Ruby and Zu had the most development. Ruby has to go through a lot. While she’s dealing with the situation that went down with Jude and what’s now going down with Cate, she also has to deal with her own emotions, hiding secrets , trying to keep everyone together and of course, Clancy. You see her break down and learn that sometimes you can’t put everything on your own back especially when there are people that want to help you.

Then we have Ruby trying to hold her relationship with Liam together by a thread. I honestly thought everything was just going to end in a explosion of really bad feelings. Liam is just a precious little pup and I don’t understand why…why anyone would be okay with hurting him. I constantly wanted to give him a hug whenever he and Ruby had a fight.

I don’t want to spoil  Zu’s development for you but when you read it comment below and tell me your feels! You’ve been warned that there will be feels because when I read a certain scene with Zu I balled out in tears and screamed, yes screamed, It’s such a beautiful moment that actually makes you look at it and think, yes this is what character development is all about.

With all the other characters there was so much that I want to tell you and discuss but this would be one very long review just on the characters alone. I will warn you that there is something that happens with Cole but that is all I’m giving you. No Spoilers until you guys have read it.

With the plot I loved that we learned so much more about IAAN (the disease that caused the kid’s powers). I also loved that there were so many relatable moments in this book with what’s happening in reality.  There were so many times that I thought that this scene is what’s kind of happening currently and it gave me a little bit of hope that there could be redemption if we just make the right choices. One of the ending scenes in the book made me think just that and I ended up crying because it wasn’t up to the kids to make things change for the better but it was up to the PSF’s and police. I loved it.

One main thing that surprised me was that one character, a character that I absolutely hate gets a little bit of a second chance. Of course I’m talking about Clancy. As much as I wanted Ruby to just SHOOT HIM after all he put her and the other kids through she actually took the high road. I was actually happy that we saw him looking helpless and small by the end of the book but what Ruby did for him made me love her all the more.

The Darkest Minds will always go down as one of my top favorite book series of all time and In the After Light will be going down as my favorite book in the series. I loved everything about this book and I strongly urge you guys to read this series if you enjoy really good character and plot development, strong female and male characters, really good plot twists and feeling all the feels.

I give this a personal rating of 5 out of 5 stars!

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