The Balm: Time Balm Foundation

So sorry I’ve been MIA guys! Hopefully I’ll make up for missing out on your beautiful faces!

The Balm is one of those make up brands that I feel like is so underrated. The products are great for what the prices are. Just because the prices are a little bit cheaper than Smashbox or MAC it doesn’t mean that the product is cheap.

I recently had to buy new foundation and I did not have the money to pay 30 to 40 bucks for liquid foundation. A friend of mine suggested, more like pushed, me to get the Time Balm  cream foundation. It was only 18 dollars and since I don’t wear makeup that much I thought this would be good for me. I tested it out the moment I got home and there were some things that I really liked about and there were some things that made me see why it was only 18 dollars.

The first thing that you’ll notice if you try this foundation out for yourself is that there is an application pad inside. DO NOT USE THAT PAD! Please for the love of God don’t use that pad. The pad that comes with the foundation isn’t good for application at all. I will also warn you that the foundation only comes in eight shades so if your skin tone is in between shades and you have to mix two different shades to get your skin tone this is not the product for you. This foundation also has some yellow undertones to it that will make your face look orange in certain lighting.

With all those things that might make you second guess getting the foundation but there are some good things about the product. One thing is, of course, the price. You do get a lot of product for the measly 18 dollars.  Another thing I liked was that the product gave me a bit more coverage than what I expected from a cream foundation. It doesn’t get my under eye circles as well as I would like but hey, that’s when you get when you only pay 18 bucks for foundation.

14947407_10155376796094256_8366591926158791029_n               14947832_10155376796099256_3556841380735752545_n

                What I also liked was that the product is very light weight. It doesn’t feel like a ton of makeup is caked all over your face. You can barely tell where the products ends on my face. I’ve worn this all day and accidentally took a nap with my makeup on and still didn’t feel like I had a ton of make up on my face.

So there are a few things to keep in mind if you think you might want to get this product; yellow undertones and very little shade variation. I definitely wouldn’t recommend the Time Balm foundation as a go to product in your makeup routine but this is really good if you’re running on a low budget and can’t afford your favorite foundation.

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