Neverfade By: Alexandra Bracken [A Review] SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

Start Date: 9/22/2016

End Date: 10/19/2016

Publication Date: 9/15/2013

Rating on Goodreads: 4.4/5

The Review:

Alexandra really knows how to mess with my heart! I loved every minute of this sequel even though it tore my heart into pieces. I actually had to take breaks while reading this because the reading experience was just so intense! I don’t think my family and friends will forgive me for the noise I made while reading this. I’m not sorry.

In the last book, The Darkest Mind, things kind of ended on a cliffhanger. Liam had his memory erased, Zu was gone, Chubs got shot and Ruby was on her way to the League. I read this book some time last year and I was in utter tears!

Neverfade now takes place about six months later and we’re thrust into the middle of an Op and already I’m thinking that I don’t like this situation. One, we’re introduced to Vida who I was on the fence about in the beginning because of her attitude and two Rob’s the leader of the Op! Three a bomb went off that didn’t even need to go off! My mind already started thinking that the adults yet again were do something to the kids to get rid of them.

After the Op was successful and we find out that “Prisoner 27” is Cole, Liam’s older brother, we’re introduced to two new characters, Nico  who we don’t really get to connect with and the precious little baby butter ball that is Jude. Can we all agree that Jude just needs all the protection and hugs in the world? I really want a friend like him that still believes that the world is still sunshine and rainbows even though most of the adults that are still left hate him for just existing. He is precious.

After a little conversation with Cole and Ruby (which I loved) we find that of course the adults in the League are trying to kill off the kids so that they can “get back on track” or whatever. Of frigging course the adults, especially Rob, are trying to kill the kids. If we have not learned anything from Will Smith it’s that adults don’t understand! Don’t trust the adults!!!

So Cole sends Ruby out on a “special Op” to find Liam who has a flash drive that important information on it. Why do we trust Liam with this?! Yes Liam is a good guy but he is also a precious butter nugget who needs protection?! Liam is the type of person that’ll hurt himself stapling paper. Why do we trust him with something that’s league and could stop the kid killings? Sure he didn’t know about it but still?

And because things can never go easy for Ruby for a freaking second she has to take Jude a long with her on said special op because Rob was apparently going to kill him! And who do we run into when we get to Liam’s house to see if he’s home?! Chubs!!!! And not old Chubs either but an older Chubs….a more mature Chubs if you will. And BECAUSE RUBY CAN’T HAVE IT EASY….Vida sneaks her way into this. I was kind of hoping we’d also see Zu in this book but now I’m worried cause Zu is only mentioned and I just want Zu to be alright for Liam and Ruby’s sanity.

Then we get to the warehouse scene with the fake slip kid a.k.a. Knox which killed a little bit of my soul because we see Liam at his literal weakest point. The guy is on the brink of death and he doesn’t remember Ruby because of what happened in the Darkest Minds. Then that initiation scene with the red kid a.k.a Mason took another piece of my soul. I was in tears when he was crying for help and Ruby was trying to comfort him. I kept thinking that okay he’s fixable, Ruby can fix him, he’ll be okay and then Knox had to freaking shoot the kid!!!!! I was so happy when Ruby finally got her crap together and turned Knox’s mind into a puddle of mush! I wanted her to do worse so much worse but we don’t get that until later.

Now this is where I have to say that I loved the character growth in this novel because it happens with every single character. Vida becomes less of a, excuse my French, bitch, Jude grows up and sees reality for what it is and Ruby starts to realize that she can’t protect everybody if she doesn’t grow up her damn self.

But the one scene that tore my heart to pieces was when Liam started to remember who Ruby was.

“I love you! I don’t know you and I love you!”


That’s right Liam! You give her all the lovin’ that girl needs!

Now because I don’t want this to be an extra lengthy review I have to get to Clancy and what happens to Jude. First thought, screw Nico he’s nothing but a little mole that we should’ve paid more attention to. There’s no excusing my French on this one FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK CLANCY!  Why did we let him live?! Kill him! We have the research now just end him! I don’t like him and I have a finished version in my head where he dies in the darkness alone and it’s Jude that comes out the sewer.

“He doesn’t like the dark! He doesn’t like the silence!”



Oh look there goes another piece of my soul and it’s a big chunk too. I balled my eyes out when they couldn’t find Jude after the attack on League! I really wanted a scene where they gave him like a little memorial service because he deserved one! I literally called out his name when we find out he didn’t make it out of the tunnels.

I’m currently reading In the After Light Now and I’m hoping we find Zu. I’m hoping we get some kind of understanding with Cole and Liam. I’m hoping Ruby’s going to be okay. I just want everyone to be happy!

I am without a doubt giving this a 5 out 5 starts for a personal rating. It’s been a while since I’ve had a book that can tea me apart and make me connect with the characters like Neverfade did. I’m excited to see what In the After Light will bring. And if you made it all the way through this book review you deserve a hand clap.

Note to self: make Youtube channel….Book reviews probably won’t be so long.

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